Des Moines Iowa Restaurants

New restaurants are constantly cropping up, and many of them are getting attention for their inventive menus. As for the restaurants in Des Moines, it seems everyone is trying, but what about the rest of us?

While new beer connoisseurs seek something good - handcrafted to brew in their glass - some get on their plates. The Brewing Co. and Juniper Moon have teamed up with local chefs to offer some of the best craft beer options available in Des Moines, including a beer-centric menu and a wide selection of food.

He predicts that to-go orders will continue to play a big role in Des Moines restaurants, but that's no longer sustainable. Summy added, "If we can open a restaurant in Polk County, I would say that customers will be reluctant to go out and eat again.

Experts said Brehme predicts that more rural restaurant owners in Iowa will decide to close their doors permanently. Dunker said Des Moines residents are more likely to see popular restaurants close in the coming years, but will rent out empty stores again.

If you're dining out for a special occasion, take a trip to this popular restaurant in the heart of downtown Des Moines, just a few blocks from the University of Iowa. Stop off and order dinner from the menu or enjoy specialties such as Momo, Biryani, Tandor and more. A big fan of Hawaiian cuisine, visit one of the many restaurants in Hawaii to enjoy a quick lunch or dinner.

If you work in downtown Des Moines, you need to know the best places to get a good lunch. Grab a salad, panini or wrap at Main Street Cafe & Bakery or grab soup or a sandwich at South Union Bread Cafe.

If you fancy a nice dinner away from the kiddos, there's nothing wrong with a local restaurant. Restaurant A also has some of the best happy hour in Des Moines, including happy hour from 4 to 7 p.m. on Friday and Saturday. Whether you're looking for breakfast, lunch or dinner, these are the meals you don't want to miss - try restaurants. If your pizza rush strikes at lunchtime or late in the evening, we have you covered.

The dimly lit interior, tiki-inspired drinks and specialties make for an incredible brunch or dinner, No matter what the occasion. With its Mediterranean cuisine, this fusion restaurant is a must-have in Des Moines.

With strong flavours and an extensive menu, it is no surprise that Nepalese Kathmandu Restaurant is one of the city's favourites. With James Beard - nominated chefs and local restaurants in downtown Des Moines featured on the Food Network and Travel Channel - the city has many hidden gems. In addition, Iowa's capital city has a number of locally owned restaurants and breweries. Downtown DSM is famous for its local breweries, restaurants, art galleries and a variety of craft beers and wine bars.

Clive's has been bringing carefully clad tapas to the Des Moines area for over 15 years. The restaurant, set in a horror movie inspired by a dining room (which its owners call "post-apocalyptic chic"), is not your typical burger joint. The Cheese Shop, which was recently expanded to add a larger restaurant location on Ingersoll Avenue, will bring even more kitschy delights to the city as it is one of Iowa's most popular restaurants.

The Centro lures you back to the city centre by hosting a big party where everyone is invited for as little as the price of a pizza. I don't mean a bar or restaurant because people were generous and we would have made it at the weekend, but we didn't do that for a month during the pop-up period, "Garnett said.

Burke doesn't even know if the Asian man will survive the pandemic, but the restaurant won't. While COVID-19 has placed an unprecedented strain on the economy, certain restaurants are most at risk of permanent closures, said Chris Dunker, executive director of the Iowa Restaurant Association. The 10 restaurants in Iowa affected by the CO-19 disruption are hoping they can handle the strain without leading to permanent closures, he said. But some restaurants don't do that, "Dunker said, especially in rural areas with limited access to water and electricity.

As I try to imagine what will happen when the restaurant reopens, I think back to an article I wrote when I was asked to dine in Des Moines in the new millennium. Restaurant owners told me that the food landscape has changed a lot more than I expected. After I took over the restaurant review in 1980, we spent the next few years examining everything from chandeliers to casual cafes and cafes. We would visit them to treat ourselves to something good - artisanal, everyday food and then spend the night with friends.

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